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  How Does Organizational Behavior Help In Understanding AndContributing To The Success Of A Particular Organization. Nokia Company Profile: How it all began  – the birth of Nokia ã Nokia started by making paper  – the srcinal communications technology. ã The history of Nokia goes back to 1865.ã Fredrik Idestam built a wood pulp mill on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids, in southernFinland. A few years later, he built a second mill by the Nokianvirta River  – the place thatgave Nokia its name. ã A mining engineer by trade, Idestam brought a new, cheaper paper manufacturing processto Finland from Germany.Nokia- then and now1898: Finnish Rubber Works founded1912: Finnish Cable Works founded1967: The merger Nokia Ab, Finnish Rubber Works and Finnish Cable works formally merge tocreate The Nokia Corporation .1981: The mobile era begins1982: Nokia makes its first digital telephone switch 1994: World’s first satellite call    Nokia’s E volution1997: Snake  – a classic mobile game1998: Nokia leads the world2002: First 3G phone2005: The Nokia N-series is born2005: The billionth Nokia phone is sold2007: Nokia recognized as 5th most valued brand in the world.   Organizational Behavior Mission Statement and valuesMission: ã To b ring out the best of abilities and skills of men and women from different cultural backgrounds, lifestyles to Nokia’s success  Values: ã Diversity: Different people + Different Ideas = Nokia’s success  Commitment to diversity: ã Heart of Nokia’s ways and values   ã Equal o pportunities to help employees grow ã Inclusiveness towards every employee   ã Nokia seeks respect and benefit from differences    Nokia ways and values ã A flat network organization ã F lexibility and speed- helps in decision making ã O penness towards people ã New ideas   Consumer led company ã C onsumer involvement in technology and global communication ã S ocial networks are becoming central- communication ã P eople want to be truly connected: NOKIA DOES IT ã P eople want privacy ã One of 3 phones is of NOKIA (100 million users)Overall Goal: ã Produce high quality and safe products while upholding law and protecting theenvironment Organizational Culture and Structure Clear Vision, goals and shared management principles are integral part that keeps thecompany ahead of its rivals. ã Through brainstorming and formal presentations, company’s vision has been passed on to the lower levels of management ã Company’s corporate objectives are conveyed throughout the organization with help of  strong internal Public Relations practices Nokia Way” has laid down rules to follow, and formed a basis for common bond and shared philosophy of all its employees  ã Nokia’s organizational structure is fluid, flexible and driven by the mentors in the organization, which is task or project-oriented. ã It has introduced various innovative measures in its people process that helped achieve a positive employer image, create a platform for growth and development. Nokia as an employer Values are the foundation and people the core ã I ts workplace has a world of opportunities, engaging work, global culture and competitiverewards ã H as a flexible global structure and addresses diverse and changing business andemployment environments and specific individual preferences- has an inclusive and diversework environment ã R ewards employees for good performance, competence development, and for overallcompany success ã With employees from 120 countries, working at Nokia leads to a world of opportunities. Nokia offers rewards, Professional and personal growth and Work-life balance to itsemployeesIt also provides: ãLearning solutions and training - variety of training activities through Learning Centers andLearning Market Place Intranet ãInternal Job Market - all vacancies are advertised internally (Job rotation and internal jobopportunities) ã Performance Management- a system called Investing In People (IIP) which is aligned to thecompany strategy and planning processes   Work life balance Nokia cares for its employees throughout the cycle of their working life from induction andtraining, through development and advancement, and on to retirement
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