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Function- and Data Sheet Extent shown: Blocks chosen: System: Project: Project code: Release: Responsible: Department: Phone: Date of issue: ABK, APP, FB, FDEF, FW SG ME7.3H ME 7.3.1H Alfa 2.0l BTS 9/633.3;16 Martin Enz K3/EAF1 20873 20.07.2000 c Robert Bosch GmbH reserves all rights, also those concerning property rights applications. All publishing authority like copy- and transmission rights, belong to us. program release: 07E0 (Predecessor : 07C0) Vivace (version fdr3-14 of Jun 16 2000
  Vivace (version fdr3-14 of Jun 16 2000 13:19:02), processed at Thu Jul 20 08:13:15 2000     c           R    o     b    e    r     t     B    o    s    c     h     G    m     b     H    r    e    s    e    r    v    e    s    a     l     l    r     i    g     h     t    s ,    a     l    s    o     t     h    o    s    e    c    o    n    c    e    r    n     i    n    g    p    r    o    p    e    r     t    y    r     i    g     h     t    s    a    p    p     l     i    c    a     t     i    o    n    s .     A     l     l    p    u     b     l     i    s     h     i    n    g    a    u     t     h    o    r     i     t    y     l     i     k    e    c    o    p    y   -    a    n     d     t    r    a    n    s    m     i    s    s     i    o    n    r     i    g     h     t    s ,     b    e     l    o    n    g     t    o    u    s . Function-andDa-ta Sheet Extent shown:Blocks chosen: ABK, APP, FB, FDEF, FWSystem: SG ME7.3HProject: ME 7.3.1H Alfa 2.0l BTSProject code: 9/633.3;16Release:Responsible: Martin EnzDepartment: K3/EAF1Phone: 20873Date of issue: 20.07.2000program release: 07E0 (Predecessor : 07C0)  Vivace (version fdr3-14 of Jun 16 2000 13:19:02), processed at Thu Jul 20 08:13:15 2000     c           R    o     b    e    r     t     B    o    s    c     h     G    m     b     H    r    e    s    e    r    v    e    s    a     l     l    r     i    g     h     t    s ,    a     l    s    o     t     h    o    s    e    c    o    n    c    e    r    n     i    n    g    p    r    o    p    e    r     t    y    r     i    g     h     t    s    a    p    p     l     i    c    a     t     i    o    n    s .     A     l     l    p    u     b     l     i    s     h     i    n    g    a    u     t     h    o    r     i     t    y     l     i     k    e    c    o    p    y   -    a    n     d     t    r    a    n    s    m     i    s    s     i    o    n    r     i    g     h     t    s ,     b    e     l    o    n    g     t    o    u    s . ME 7.3.1H Alfa 2.0l BTS9/633.3;16Function- and Data SheetPage 2 of 132720.07.2000Martin Enz Table of contents: Sections PageSection Version Descriptor 1013ACIFI9.70Output for cylinder-individual injection918ADVE 3.70Activation of the DV-E by means of the DLR970AEKP 4.10 EKP control973AES1.50Overview calculation of injection time980AEVAB 6.20Output injection valve cut off1002AEVABU 1.10Output injection-valve cut-off by monitoring functions (EGAS)1003AEVABZK 1.20Output injection-valve cut-off %MDRED + total shutdown by monitioring functions855AK 1.20 Overview Emission reduction / catalyst136ALE 6.20Detection of engine stop position531ARMD 14.10Torque based anti jerk function903AS5.0Output signal adaption18ASCETBLK1.10Description of ASCET block library40ASCETSDB1.13ASCET-SD descripton of block library969ATEV 2.0 Purge valve drive (duty cycle)20ATM 33.10 Exhaust temperature model297ATWAL 3.20Output engine temperature warning lamps904AZUE 5.40Output ignition853BBBO2.10Start operating range with fuel in oil501BBGANG 21.10 Detection of actual gear890BBKHZ 11.130 Control of catalyst heating557BBSAWE18.110Conditions for fuel cut-off / cut-in148BBSTT11.20Condition Engine start750BBTEGA4.20Operating contitions for purge canister control / fuel adaption263BGAGR 1.40 Correction air charge calculation by exhaust gas recirculation73BGBSZ4.10Calculated Variable Operating Track Counter934BGDVE3.110Values for DV-E control from the learning and checking routines1005BGEVAB1.20Calculation of the actual reduction stage by ignition-valve cut-off1008BGKMST 2.10 Calculation of odometer value (Km)71BGKV1.30Calculation variable consumed fuel 489BGLBZ4.1Calculated charge deficit of the battery328BGMSABG 2.10 Calculation of exhaust emission mass flow - bank-dependent239BGMSZS12.60Calculation of mass flows into intake manifold121BGNG5.20Calculated variable: engine-speed gradient111BGNMOT5.50Calculated variable: engine speed276BGPU3.100Calculation value ambient pressure 274BGRLG 1.10 RL-GRADIENT266BGRLP4.50Calculation variable rlp: predicted air charge287BGRML 1.20Calculation Value of Relative Air Mass according to SAE J1979 Mode $01 + $02 PID245BGSRM17.30Model of intake manif. for calc. relative air charge and intake manif. pressure1030BGTABST7.10Calculated variable: cut-off time252BGTEMPK10.40Calculation of temperature compensation for intake manifold model257BGTEV 1.70 Calculation variable, mass flow TEV273BGWDKM1.0Calculation of throttle angle model548BGWPFGR 2.10 Calculation variable, back-calculated pedal value for FGR1124CAN89.80CAN signal list496D2CTR2.20 Diagnosis; system verification counter1128DCAS14.20Diagnosis CAN timeout ASC interface1132DCDACC1.10 Diagnosis; access to tester data1126DCINS8.30Diagnostics; CAN timeout instrument (Combi)1128DCKUP3.20Diagnosis; CAN-Timeout interface electronic clutch control (KUP)1146DDCY15.10OBDII; fulfillment condition ’driving cycle’141DDG9.50 Diagnosis: engine speed sensor851DDST7.30 diagnosis of tank pressure sensor950DDVE 7.30Diagnosis: EGAS-Actuator DV-E1013DECJ14.30Diagnosis; Power stage CJ9x592DEGFE 2.10 Diagnosis of input variables for charge detection64DEKON 40.10 Configuration of power stage diagnosis1020DEKPE 11.11 Diagnosis; power stage of fuel pump relay1151DEPCL1.20 Diagnosis; electronic powertrain control lamp1017DEVE 6.40 Diagnosis; power stage of injector valve1140DFFT 1.40 Diagnostics; Freeze frame selection table1143DFFTCNV3.30 Diagnosis; freeze frame table, conversion to bytes1142DFFTK 1.10 Diagnosis; customer-specific list for selection of freeze-frame values1132DFPM 3.10OBDII; Fault path manager1145DFPMEEP 1.11Diagnosic; Fault Path Manager, EEPROM storage1139DFPMPWF 1.10 Diagnosis fault path management; detection of powerfail1144DFRZ 20.20OBDII; description ’freeze frame’233DHFM 63.80Diagnosis; plausibility test hot film air flow sensor1154DHLSHK 2.40 Diagnosis: sensor heating downstream of catalytic converter29DHLSVK 3.20 Diagnosis sensor heating upstream catalyst902DHLSVKE2.201148DIMC41.10OBDII; inspection/maintenance-ready361DKAT 58.140 Diagnosis; catalyst conversion901DKOSE5.10Diagnosis of power stage for AC compressor 445DKRNT 11.10Diagnosis; Knock-control, zero-test (OBDII)437DKRS29.80 Diagnosis; knock sensor451DKRTP 11.10Diagnosis of knock control, test pulse for OBDII811DKVS17.60Diagnosis; plausibility test fuel supply system578DLLR 28.80 Diagnosis: idle speed control, recognising a blocked actuator398DLSA44.20 Lambda sensor aging monitoring339DLSAHK 6.50 Ageing monitoring for lambda sensor downstream of catalytic converter  Vivace (version fdr3-14 of Jun 16 2000 13:19:02), processed at Thu Jul 20 08:13:15 2000     c           R    o     b    e    r     t     B    o    s    c     h     G    m     b     H    r    e    s    e    r    v    e    s    a     l     l    r     i    g     h     t    s ,    a     l    s    o     t     h    o    s    e    c    o    n    c    e    r    n     i    n    g    p    r    o    p    e    r     t    y    r     i    g     h     t    s    a    p    p     l     i    c    a     t     i    o    n    s .     A     l     l    p    u     b     l     i    s     h     i    n    g    a    u     t     h    o    r     i     t    y     l     i     k    e    c    o    p    y   -    a    n     d     t    r    a    n    s    m     i    s    s     i    o    n    r     i    g     h     t    s ,     b    e     l    o    n    g     t    o    u    s . ME 7.3.1H Alfa 2.0l BTS9/633.3;16Function- and Data SheetPage 3 of 132720.07.2000Martin Enz PageSectionVersion Descriptor 330DLSH 26.50 Diagnosis; Readiness for operation of sensor downstream catalyst350DLSSA14.80Signal output from lambda sensors301DLSV32.60Diagnosis; Readiness for operation of sensor upstream catalyst199DMDDLU 7.50Diagnostic routine Misfire Detection, forming the diff. for irregular running161DMDFON6.40Diagnosis Misfire Detection fuel-on Adaptation215DMDLAD 5.10Logic and Delay; Logical operation,different blocks for misfire detection193DMDLU 4.90Diagnostic routine misfire detection: Irregular running202DMDLUA 4.30Diagnostic routine Misfire Detection irregular running spacing216DMDMIL 3.60Fault trestment of misfire detection, control on MIL and rectification205DMDSTP9.90Diagnostic of misfire detection : Stop conditions159DMDTSB3.10Diagnosis misfire detection by segment time formation158DMDUE 9.120Diagnostic routine misfire detection Overview1150DMIL 26.40 OBDII; MIL control36DMILE 8.20OBDII; MIL-power stage34DMLSE9.30 Diagnosis; power stage check of electric cooling fan37DMS6.10 Diagnosis; permanent data aquisition (serial)134DNWKW 3.40 Diagnosis alignment between camshaft and crankshaft622DNWS10.60 Diagnosis camshaft control1025DNWSE5.40 Diagnosis; camshaft control power stage144DPH 22.10 Diagnosis; plausibility test phase sensor1024DSUE 7.20 Diagnosis; driver for intake manifold flap32DSWEC 6.20 Bumpy road detection from wheel acceleration, - > via CAN from ABS CU856DTEV 32.90Diagnosis; canister purge valve (OBDII)1022DTEVE 9.31 Diagnosis; power stage of canister purge valve1144DTIP 1.30OBDII; tester interface package1145DTOP1.0 Diagnosis; operating time1139DTRIG1.10OBDII; Selectable trigger for fault path management1089DUF 6.30Diagnostic interface of the function monitoring1052DUR 1.22Diagnosis from computer monitoring917DVEUE 1.0Overview of DV-E-control500DVFZ 19.10 Diagnosis; plausibility test vehicle speed1027DVKUP 4.30 Diagnosis; Switch-off engine by electronic clutch control (KUP)1147DWUC14.20OBDII; fulfillment condition ’warm up cycle’1130EEPROM11.30EEPROM treatment68EG 4.0 Input variables including diagnostics for these486EGAG 2.0 General inputs300EGAK3.0Input values of exhaust value of catalyst453EGEG1.0Input variable E-GAS228EGFE6.10 Input variables for charging detection409EGKE1.10 Input variables for knocking detection74EGNWE1.0 Input values rotational speed- and angle detection288EGTE 1.0 Input variables for recording the temperature678ESGRU 23.30 Basic function injection691ESNSWL2.30injection during afterstart and warm-up679ESSTT22.10 Injection duration at start699ESUK4.50 Injection: transient compensation711ESUKA13.30 Wall wetting adaptation based on ZPR677ESVST 4.20 Fuel injection pre-control1009ESVW3.40Injection : calculation of injection angle698ESWE1.60Injection, resumption of overrun fuel cut-off591FE 3.10Charging interventions491FGRABED1.30Shutdown conditions, vehicle-speed controller1158FGRBESI2.10Operating signals, vehicle-speed controller1160FGRFULO 1.20 Function logic, vehicle-speed controller1174FGRREGL1.10Control algorithm, vehicle-speed controller490FGRUE 6.10 Overview of vehicle-speed controller597FUEDK 21.30Charge control (calculation of nominal throttle-valve angle)610FUEDKSA1.20 Influence of air charge by throttle blade, processing throttle-valve angle595FUEREG4.30Charge controller74GGDPG14.30Input Signals: engine speed and phase sensor504GGDST 3.10 pickup tank pressure sensor477GGDVE2.40Sensor variables for throttle-valve actuator474GGEGAS9.30Sensor variable for brake and clutch switches473GGFGRH11.10Sensor Signals Cruise Control Lever502GGFST16.10Sensor variable tank level230GGHFM57.30Sensor signal, hot-film air-mass meter412GGKS4.50Sensor signal for knocking detection318GGLSH 3.30 Sensor variable for lambda sensor downstream of catalytic converter382GGLSV2.30Sensorsignal lambda upstream catalyst454GGPED8.30Sensor variable for accelerator pedal 296GGPOEL 5.30 Sensor signal oil pressure sensor, incl. diagnosis298GGTFA15.50 Diagnosis; intake air temperature sensor289GGTFM 40.60 Signal engine temperature sensor487GGUB11.30Sensor variable for battery voltage incl. diagnosis497GGVFZG14.70 Input signal: vehicle speed675GK13.10 mixture control737GKEB3.0Operating condition mixture control overview 766GKRA3.0 Mixture control and adaptive pilot control392HLS16.40 Lambda sensor heater894KHMD 1.50Calculation of torque reserve for heating catalytic converter124KOEVAB1.20coordination of injection valve cutoff896KOS113.140Control of A/C compressor  Vivace (version fdr3-14 of Jun 16 2000 13:19:02), processed at Thu Jul 20 08:13:15 2000     c           R    o     b    e    r     t     B    o    s    c     h     G    m     b     H    r    e    s    e    r    v    e    s    a     l     l    r     i    g     h     t    s ,    a     l    s    o     t     h    o    s    e    c    o    n    c    e    r    n     i    n    g    p    r    o    p    e    r     t    y    r     i    g     h     t    s    a    p    p     l     i    c    a     t     i    o    n    s .     A     l     l    p    u     b     l     i    s     h     i    n    g    a    u     t     h    o    r     i     t    y     l     i     k    e    c    o    p    y   -    a    n     d     t    r    a    n    s    m     i    s    s     i    o    n    r     i    g     h     t    s ,     b    e     l    o    n    g     t    o    u    s . ME 7.3.1H Alfa 2.0l BTS9/633.3;16Function- and Data SheetPage 4 of 132720.07.2000Martin Enz PageSectionVersion Descriptor 659KRDY 10.90 Knock control for load dynamics427KRKE 14.30 Knocking detection639KRRA 18.70 Adaptive knock control120KVA 36.10 Output signal: display of fuel consumption735LAKH 2.30 Lambda coordination for catalyst heating732LAMBTS1.60 Lambda component protection728LAMFAW 2.20 Lambda vehicle-operator demand729LAMKO3.120 Lambda coordination726LAMSOLL1.30 Lambda setpoint input69LFS18.30 Engine cooling fan control575LLRBB 505.10Operating conditions of idle speed control561LLRMD 1.4 Torque-based idle-speed control572LLRMR 12.40 Torque reserve for idle speed control564LLRNFA 1.50562LLRNS534.10 Idle control; Nominal engine speed for idle speed control566LLRRM 6.110 Idle speed control: torque controller768LR 89.20 Lambda closed loop control797LRA 93.60 Lambda closed loop control; Adaptive pilot control759LRAEB 4.90Conditions adaptive pilot control739LREB 141.10 Activation conditions for lambda closed loop control781LRHK 33.70Lambda closed loop control downstream catalyst (OBDII)749LRINI 1.0Coordination initializing lambda controller795LRKA 15.20Two Sensor Lambda Control: Oxygen Clear Out Function515MDAUTG 2.60 Calculation of torque actual value for gear control529MDBAS4.30 Basic calculation for torque interface530MDBGRG4.40 torque limitation mimimum508MDFAW 12.120Calculation of vehicle-operator demand594MDFUE 8.50Nominal-value input from nominal torque for airmass528MDIST10.2 Engine torque calculation516MDKOG 1.190 Coordination torque intervention526MDKOL10.110Coordination torque intervention air path514MDMAX 1.30Calculation maximum torque538MDMIN 10.30 Minimum engine torque coordination556MDNSTAB1.10 Torque: engine-speed stabilization976MDRED 1.50Calculation reduction step from torque demand538MDTRIP 1.20Calculation of torque reserve for short trip546MDVER 5.90 Loss in engine torque549MDVERAD 1.50Adaptation of torque loss540MDVERB 12.170 Torque demand by auxiliary systems (e.g. air conditioner, misc. consumers)554MDWAN 1.30 Torque of the AT-converter523MDZUL 4.21Calculation of maximum permitted set torque636MDZW 1.120Calculation of torque in nominal ignition timing1028MOTAUS5.30Engine switch-off506MSF 4.42 Engine control functions157NLDG 2.10 limp-home for defective engine speed sensor150NLPH 5.20 limp-home for phase synchronization584NMAXMD 18.20 Torque calculation during maximum speed control618NWS55.60Camshaft control 53PROKON 53.11 Project configurations112RDE 1.40 Detection of reverse rotation979RKTI 1.60Calculation of injection time ti from relative fuel mass rk1152RSTMON2.10 Reset monitor1097SCATT 20.70 SCAN TOOL-tester interface963SREAKT10.10EGAS: safety concept, failure reactions684STADAP6.30Starting fuel adaptation50STECK420.11 Plug pin arrangement617SU62.10Intake manifold switch-over47SWADAP1.2Software adapter ME2.3 - > ME746SYABK 8.3 Symbols and abbreviations1100TC1MOD20.120Tester communication CARB; Mode 11107TC2MOD20.70Tester communication CARB; Mode 21110TC5MOD20.30Tester communikation CARB; Mode 51112TC6MOD 20.80 Tester communikation CARB; Mode 61120TC8MOD20.20Tester communikation CARB; Mode 81121TC9MOD10.10Tester communication CARB; Mode 9, Request vehicle information1124TCKOMUE1.20Tester communication CARB; Communication structure overview1122TCSORT 3.30 Tester communicstion CARB; sort function826TEB 95.80Purge canister function762TEBEB 6.20Switch-on conditions for purge control1129TN 3.10 Output of engine speed signal1058UFEING13.10ETS monitoring concept: Input signal transfer used in function monitoring 1078UFFGRC1.30ETS monitoring concept: Monitoring of Cruise Control of function monitoring1096UFFGRE17.10ETS monitoring concept: CC input information used in function monitoring1060UFMER 1.101060UFMET 1.101086UFMIST2.10ETS monitoring concept: Calculation of the actual torque in UF1080UFMSRC5.10ETS monitoring concept: MSR intervention surveillance for function monitoring1087UFMVER 2.10ETS monitoring concept: Torque comparison of function monitoring1083UFMZF 1.10 ETS monitoring concept: Torque filter for function monitoring1084UFMZUL 5.10ETS monitoring concept: Calculation of permissible torque in UF1063UFNC3.20ETS monitoring concept: Monitoring of engine speed for function monitoring1077UFNSC2.10ETS monitoring concept: Afterstart monitoring for function monitoring
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