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  1 Mid-term Exam (CBT) ENG 109 (Science/Medical)    The mid-term exam is a Computer Based Test (CBT).    There are 60 questions and each question carries half a mark (1/2).    The exam duration is 90 minutes.    All the questions are MCQs with four options.    The breakdown of the questions is as follows; Mid-Term Exam (30%)   Item Marks Grammar & Vocabulary 20 (10+10) Reading (2 passages) 20 (10+10) Listening (1 dialogue + 1 monologue ) 20 (10+10) Source: Q Skills 4 R/W Q Skills 4 L/S English for Medicine (EFM) Mid-term Exam Syllabus:    The mid-term exam will be based on Q Skills   Units 1-3 & EFM Units 1-4.      The exam will have four parts; Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Listening.    In addition to Q Skills   Units 1-3 & EFM Units 1-4 , you also need to cover the grammar and vocabulary list mentioned in this document.  2 Grammar:    10 Multiple Choice Questions.      The grammar questions will be based on all the grammar points from Q Skills   Units 1-3 & EFM Units 1-4.      In addition to the grammar points in Q Skills   Units 1-3 & EFM Units 1-4, the following points also need to be covered for the mid-term exam. GRAMMAR ITEM Word forms: nouns and verbs verbs + infinitives (like, want and need) noun phrases and infinitives Writing compound sentences with but and so Word roots: lone, fac, migra, nat, pop Simple past with regular and irregular verbs Negative forms of the simple past Modifying nouns Sentences with because Parts of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb Sentences with when The prefix un- Prepositions of location: in, an, on Simple present Simple present statements with regular verbs (affirmative & negative forms) Simple present statements with be (affirmative & negative forms) Simple present statements with have (affirmative & negative forms) Simple past with regular and irregular verbs Simple past in negative statements should and shouldn't It's + adjective + infinitive Suffixes: -ful and -ing Be going to Be going to statements Be going to questions Simple present for informal narratives Gerunds as subjects and objects  3 Grammar Sample Questions 1. Sarah doesn’t like coffee; she usually __________ tea.  A drinks B drink C drinking D to drink 2. Where does he __________?  A to live B lives C living D live 3. “Are they students?”   “Yes, __________.”    A they are B are they C he is D we are 4. “Whose watch is this?”   “It’s __________.”    A your B mine C me D you 5. There _________ a bookshop in our neighborhood.  A is B are C were D are no  4 6.  You shouldn’t _________ too much junk food; it’s bad for your health.  A eating B eats C to eat D eat 7. He _________ travel to Dubai in the vacation.  A is going B are going to C is going to D are going 8. __________ bag is brown.  A Sarah is B Sarah C Sarah’s  D Sarah has 9. Please __________! I’m trying to sleep.    A don’t shout B doesn’t shout  C not shout D can’t shout   10. My friend bought __________ lunch today.  A he B I C we D me
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